The Downside of the Birth Control Pill

A critical book about the effect the pill has on our bodies and health.

Nowadays the birth control pill is one of the most known and most prescribed medications, nearly every women has once tried the Pill, most of them are accompanied by it every day from their mid-teens to their menopause. But only a few of them know how this drug actually works or which side effects it can cause. The Pill has a major influence on every organ in our body and still, it mostly isn’t even thought of as a drug.

Due to personal health problems I experienced while on the Pill and growing knowledge about the side effects it has, I decided to make my final project about the effects of hormonal contraceptives – especially the Pill – on the female body. The aim was to create a critical view towards the mostly positively seen brith control pill and to show the alternatives to hormonal birth control. This project should lead women to take better care of their own body and to be able to choose consciously about their preferred method of birth control.